Brand Search Dosing & Side Effects – Omega 3
by medicopia

Case Presentation:

43 y/o male with recently diagnosed type IV hypertriglyceridemia presents to your office for routine follow up. He has no complaints and is adherent to your prescription of Crestor 20 mg OD for his condition. A repeat serum triglyceride level reveals that despite the use of a HMG CoA inhibitor his triglyceride levels are still 500 mg/dl. You decide to start him on an omega 3 fatty acids.

A. However, you are not aware of the brand name of the omega 3 fatty acid. How to proceed?

Open Medicopia on any smartphone

1) Type omega 3 fatty acid in the search bar
2) On the omega 3 fatty acid drug details page scroll to the bottom of the screen and select brands
3) Note the brand you would like to give to the patient along with cost and manufacturer

– Omacor by Abbot 1000 mg tablet

B. Now that you found the brand name you would like to find out what dose to prescribe to the patient:

1.) On the omega 3 fatty acid drug details page select adult dosing:

– Note adult dosing is 4 g PO OD but can be given in divided doses as well.

C. Now you want to tell the patient what common side effect he can expect with the drug.

1.) On the omega 3 fatty acid drug detail page select adverse reactions

– Review the complete list of adverse reactions with your patient.

Us the power of Medicopia to enhance the care of your patients.

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