• How does Medicopia help doctors?

    Medicopia, is a mobile app that provides real time and detailed prescription information to healthcare providers, including drug dosing for various indications,drug adverse reactions,drug to drug interactions,pharmacology of drugs and drug safety and monitoring information.Since Medicopia is designed to be used at the point of care, it virtually eliminates prescription errors.Medicopia is very comprehensive with over 25,000 INDIAN drugs listed in its database and is constantly updated with latest prescription information.Medicopia doesn’t require an internet connection and is available for iOS and Android.

  • Why do prescription errors happen?

    Doctors currently have no real time access to reliable pharmaceutical drug prescribing information so they rely on peers/mentors/ pharmaceutical representative but unfortunately that information is only as good as the source. Physicians try the Internet but there’s usually limited access in hospital/outpatient settings. There are printed pharmacopeias available but because of limited drug information which may not be current and which may be difficult to use during point of care, printed copies become unwieldy and unreliable.